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White Henna Designs 2016 – Temporary Tattoos on Skin

The world is full of adventurous people who love to do something exciting. White Henna also known as Tattoos, having a tattoo is an element of fun. Tattoos can be made in thousands of sizes and designs. People love to have a small tattoo on hand, arm or shoulder but some crazy people like to have a big tattoo at ... Read More »

Mehndi Decoration Ideas: Stage, Flowers & Hall

Wedding Mehndi Decoration Tips

Mehndi is considered to be the most important function at wedding ceremony in Asian regions. Everyone tries to make the mehndi function the most unforgettable one. Houses are decorated with different items on mehndi. Mehndi functions are held at night, starts from evenings and ends in the morning. Mehndi decorations are done with different items, stages are decorated and lots ... Read More »

Latest Henna Designs 2015 for Hands

Latest Henna Designs 2015 for Hands

Asia is pretty much famous for many different products being produced or adopted in different regions of different countries; most of the time it is supposed to be the rich culture due to which Asia has a remarkable importance of its own. The rich culture of this region is keeping several different attractive and charming colours in it and it ... Read More »

How to apply Mehendi (Henna) Designs on you Hands

Mehndi Designs Step by Step Guide

Mehndi is in now days in Asian countries like Pakistan and India. Mehendi designs are made on hands, feet, arms as well as on legs on several occasions like weddings, festivals, Eids, engagement functions etc. there are hundreds of mehndi designs and among them some are simple, easy to make but others are complex ones which needs an expert mehndi ... Read More »

Simple Mehndi Designs for Beginners

Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands

Henna, commonly called mehndi in Asian countries or tattoo in western states, are some things that all ladies adore. Not basically the local Asian women, however all woman universally in circles the globe apply simple mehndi designs. The pleasure it brings after you place it on your hands and commonly on feet, then you wait a couple of hours to ... Read More »

Best Simple Mehndi Designs Pics 2015

Simple Mehndi Designs Pics for Hands

There is the growing trend of mehndi designs, also known as henna tattoo designs which is now the main elements for women. It is necessary magnificent when she mastered the selection of each group gatherings, weddings and all other variance. Women look is not complete until she applies mehndi patterns on their hands and foot. A woman looks more delightful, ... Read More »

Henna or Mehndi Designs for Eid 2015

New Mehndi Designs for Eid

Henna Designs or Mehndi Designs for Eid are quietly similar to the rest of the other mehndi design patterns. Eid is the most anticipated religious day of every muslims life. Everyone wants to look beautiful, confident and hopeful on this day to celebrate this day with full of happiness and fun. Women all over the world must have to wear new ... Read More »

Innovative Mehndi Designs for Kids 2016

Mehndi Design or Henna Tattoo for Kids

Nowadays Kids are greatly awake related to their style approach and fashion statement. It is complex to submit an application of mehndi designs to kids and children. Latest Lifestyles carry a number of easy, superlative and painless mehndi henna designs range for young girls. Kids friendliness surrounded by the henna mehndi designs are as much as fully developed worships mehndi ... Read More »

40 Easy and Simple Mehndi Design for Feet and Legs

New Feet Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs are one of the most typical thing in the line of women fashion. Without mehndi patterns, no one can look attractive, eye-catchy on wedding gatherings or other special parties. Women should have to apply mehndi designs on hands and feet almost every traditional event to look beautiful in gatherings. We can say that ladies preparation for gathering is incomplete without ... Read More »

50 Breathtaking Arabic Mehndi Designs To Try In 2016

Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs 2016

Arabic Mehndi Designs are the major prominent, stylish and the latest fashion happenings, just called mehndi designs. Henna mehndi design prototypes are not just important in Muslim countries, but now it is more and more trendy in the Arab countries, in the other division of the planet recognized places especially in the subcontinent. In the Arabic mehndi designs dots are used with floral patterns. Some floral ... Read More »