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How to Decorate a House

How to Decorate a House

Home decor is a crucial matter, the furniture; the color scheme and palate have to be carefully chosen to truly make the home look like a haven. But in these economic times one can’t be too choosy as people having a very limited budget to decorate an entire house. Here are some decorating tips that will go light on the pocket.

How to decorate House

Let the right in

This can be done by putting affordable lamp shades, decorative lamps, antique lamps, table lamps, wall lamps etc. The idea is to brighten the atmosphere and make it look more alive by adding lots of different styles and shapes. This can also be done by adding windows, taking away the blinds and letting the natural sunlight in. This makes the house look more spacious and lets the fresh air in making it look more alive.

Go back to nature:

Plants provide the home with a calm and soothing atmosphere that’s why offices add money plants and other soothing herbs. In the home, plants like aloe Vera, herbs, flowers, can also be used to increase the oxygen level make the air more breathable. Fresh and exotic flowers like roses, jasmine, lavender, not only add beautiful colors to the home but also give a pleasant and fresh aroma.

Recycle /reshape old furniture

People who are not interested in spending a fortune by purchasing new furniture from expensive stores with their outrageous prices can simply re-new their old furniture or that brought from second hand shops. They can simply do that by painting old tables, vases, changing the cover of the couches, knobs of the doors, polishing the wooden furniture, re dying curtains, rugs and cushion covers instead of buying new ones.

Second hand shops and online discounts:

Consumers must shop online as it gives the chance to compare prices of different brands and saves the hassle of going from one shop to another. For people who are too embarrassed to bargain or buy unnecessary expensive items through the convincing of the shop keepers , must sit back in front of the computer screen and look for affordable online deals for online shopping sites. There can be deals like “buy two lamps get one free” or reasonable discounts for consumers to enjoy. Secondly, second hand shops sometimes have exotic designer furniture at lower costs and which looks almost new and with a few alterations can be made perfect.

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