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10 Best Natural Treatments for Sciatic Nerve Pain

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and it originates from the lower back to the foot, it is not on the surface and lies deep within the body structure. A disorder of this nerve in most cases affects the lower back and one side of the body. One in three of all the people living experience this pain one way or another. The intensity of the pain can differ. Some experience mild numbness while others may experience a stinging uncomfortable pain in the lower back leading to the leg and foot. Some doctors even mistakenly treat it as a back spasm and it is sometimes hard to judge. In this article we would be discussing the ten ways in which the pain can be controlled if not properly cured.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Effective Treatment

Sciatic Nerve Pain Effective Treatments

1) Visiting a chiropractor:

Visiting a chiropractor could be the thing that you need, although no scientific evidence is there of its support in sciatic nerve pain but it does help in soothing, lessen the swelling in the back and improve circulation as well as release muscle tension. All these things would help reduce sciatic pain if not cure it altogether.

2) Chinese Acupuncture:

It is the process of needles, they are finely stabbed into the body at various pressure points according to the problem you have. It sounds painful and dangerous but in reality it provides a soothing effect and you don’t feel pain at all in the process. Acupuncture improves the blood flow and helps in better working of the nerves.

Acupuncturists believe that it helps in relieving sciatic nerve pain, but the result in general is not instant and it takes at least two to three sessions before you feel any recovery.

3) Ice Bags:

If you are looking for a quick option because the pain is being unbearable, ice bags are the option. Take the ice bags and use it on the inflicted region for about 20 minutes and repeat the process after 6 hours. It is your guide to quick relief but the solution but it is not permanent as the pain could kick back once the area reaches back to normal temperature.

4) Warm Water Bath:

While ice bags are the short term solutions it only affects the upper surface of the body, not touching the sciatic nerve, taking a hot water bath after using the ice packs would help as the warm water would reach the inner surface and it would help improve circulation as well as touch the deep endings of the nerve.

5) Massage Therapy:

It is used since the ancient times and one of the most popular ways of reducing stress related to sciatic pain. What massage therapy does is to reduce the tension in the affected areas of the body and help improve the blood circulation, the blood circulation helps a long way in the curing process of the pain. Scented candles and specific Massage oils can help improve the experience of the person as well as aid the healing process.

6) Rest:

Absence of sleep has a lot of negative effects on the body that you may not feel in the short term but are definitely worth looking into in the long run. Once of the major reasons of sciatic pain is lack of sleep, what rest does is it rejuvenates the body and relaxes the mind as well. A rested body and a healthy mind is essential for a better working body.

7) Oils and Herbs:

We have already discussed the benefits of Oils and Herbs while bathing and in a Massage but taking herbs in raw form can also help relieve pain and help the immune system fight against the pain. You must take one thing into consideration though, that while applying herbs and oils externally has no side effects it is better to ask a doctor before you intend to take them orally because they may interfere or react with the other drugs you may be taking. Just as a precaution because safety should always come first.

8) Yoga:

We have seen how versatile and flexible yoga practitioners are and you are not in any way be compared with them but a few mild stretches would help reduce the pain and reach the center of the nerve, there may be a blockage or the nerve may be tangled and yoga would help if this is the case. In any case Yoga is good because it helps in the relaxation of the whole body, so you shouldn’t look for yoga only in pain but making it a routine would help you a lot towards leading a healthy life.

9) Alexander Technique:

It is a learning process in which you learn how to get your posture right, a right posture helps in many things like reducing headaches, back aches, neck pain, migraines and certainly Sciatic Pain.

10) Diaphragmatic Breathing:

This process involves total breathing, because of which oxygen circulation to the cells would increase. What that would do is to boost the immune system and help in the process of reduction of pain as well as the curing process of Sciatic Pain.

One main thing to note is that in all the process, a special reference has been given to the circulation of blood, once that is right in the body the pain would go away. The pain usually occurs due to a blockage in the nerve or damage to the nerve ending. All these processes stated above would most likely yield positive results. Noting that all these processes are Natural and using them has minimal side effects and would not only help in sciatic pain relief but are also a guide to a healthy lifestyle that we all should adopt.


  1. nice…….. thanks 4 ur advice

  2. I think the best choose is acupuncture and a Chinese Tuina massage after the needles. I’ve treated a lot of cases it always works very well.

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