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10 Easy Makeup Tips for Beginners

Women of every age seem busy in beautifying themselves. There are several ways for making the skin look pretty and young. Makeup is used by girls and women on different occasions or on daily basis i.e. while going to office, university, school etc. Makeup should be used by women as per nature of their skin or trends. There are lots of makeup items which should be used with great care to get best results or to get the attractive look.

Some of the for beginners to look younger and attractive as listed below:

Easy Makeup Tips for Beginners

1. It is very important to wash face with best soap or face wash before applying makeup over it. If one goes for cleaning the face or applying scrub then this is considered to be a positive point. Scrub and cleansing can give smoothing effects to the skin.

2. Secondly, it is important to get the face skin moisturized by using moisturizing cream or serums enriched with vitamin E. moisturizer can be applied with hands by pouring it on palms and then rubbing it over the face. The skin should completely absorb the moisturizer so a smooth look can be achieved.

3. Women should use the liquid based moisturizer because the face can be easily covered. It should be applied with clean. Traditionally, the base was applied with hands but the trend has been changed. It should be applied with a brush onto the entire face and then wet and clean sponge should be used to spread and blend the foundation on face. The sponge can be wet by soaking it in warm water and then pressing it between the layers of towel or clean cloth. This is considered to be the best way to apply foundation.

Latest Easy Makeup Tips

4. If you want to get a younger and glowing skin then lightweight liquid foundations should be used because it contains the light-reflective liquid formula which can make the skin glow and fairer.

5. If there are some wrinkles or lines present at the face skin then one should go for lightweight liquid foundation but must not use thick formulas or pressed powders. These items can make lines or wrinkles more prominent. Foundation shade must be darker than the actual skin tone so that a natural look can be gained.

6. For the women of old ages, lighter foundations should be used and these should go for oil based or creamy foundation with darker shade containing shiny material in it.

7. The concealer must be used with best shade and should be matched with the skin color and foundation color. If there are too much dark spots on the screen or there are dark circles etc then gel-based concealer must be used so that dry look can be avoided.

8. The focus should be on skin as well as on eyes. For eye makeup, first of all moisturizer should be applied, then foundation and concealer. After this, eyelash curling should be done followed by applying mascara as well as liner.

9. For cheeks, light shade blush powder should be used because the dark ones can give an older look. The blush on with creamy formula should be used because it is easily to blend it.

10. If there is less time to get ready then one should use lip gloss instead of lipstick because lipstick has to be applied with great care while lip gloss can be applied within seconds.

So here are some tips for getting the best makeup, use them and get a younger look than ever.

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