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14 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a product that we have in our kitchen but what we don’t know is that how beneficial it is for the health as well as a product to aid in making mood and bringing out the taste. This article would deal with the and the uses of ginger and why consumption of Ginger is essential for a healthy life.

Ginger Evidence Based Health Benefits Revealed

Health Benefits of Ginger

Some of the ginger’s health benefits are given below.

1. If you are ever feeling nauseous Ginger can help you to relief in this process.

2. It acts as an effective pain killer, the process is that you have to apply on the affected area or drink the juice and you would start feeling better.

3. Pregnant women should make it a habit of taking it in the morning to avoid morning sickness.

4. If you don’t feel hungry eat raw garlic thirty minutes before the meal and you would start feeling hungry during this time.

5. Eating raw ginger will help easing stomach cramps and flatulence.

6. Drinking Ginger tea in the morning would guard you against bloating and gas.

7. Women suffering from menstrual pain and cramps should drink Ginger tea at the start of their cycle, it would help reduce the cramps and relieve the mood as well.

8. Garlic is a renowned remedy for headaches, be it from migraines or by sinus, the remedy is applying the garlic paste on the forehead and using its smell, like an aroma therapy. The paste applied would calm down the arteries relieving the stress which causes pain and the aroma would help too.

9. Ginger is good for the immune system because it contains antihistamines and antibacterial both of them help make the body stronger from the inside.

10. Ginger has high inflammatory and analgesic content which helps in getting rid of joint pain and arthritis.

11. Ginger can relieve the muscle pain caused by fatigue or over exercising and a cup of ginger tea in the morning as part of the daily routine would help keep you refreshed.

12. Ginger is good for the liver as it helps heal the liver problems as well as protecting against other liver related ailments.

13. The manufacturing aspect of ginger is that it is used as a fragrance in cosmetics and soaps.

14. Ginger helps slow the clotting, process which is responsible for causing strokes and heart diseases.

However despite all the benefits you shouldn’t take ginger if you have a bleeding problem or are taking blood thinning medications such as Aspirin. Ginger is generally considered a safe herb but to some it may have side effects such as heart burn or stomach irritation. A few women observed extra Bleeding during their menstrual cycles after the consumption of Ginger. Taking ginger in excess might worsen heart conditions for some and it is strictly prohibited for those on aspirin. Usage of Ginger during pregnancy to tackle morning sickness is also controversial but no research has been conclusive enough.

Ginger can also interact with the medications you take. The basic property of Ginger is to keep your blood sugar in check and when you are taking a tablet for it, the combination can be problematic because you could experience low blood sugar occasionally.

Similarly it helps keep the blood pressure in check so when you take your regular dose of medication make sure to keep your ginger intake in control as it can react with the medication and you may feel low blood pressure or heart palpitations. It is alright if you keep the intake in check because after all excess of everything is bad be it something as healthy as ginger.


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