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5 Tips for Reducing Joint Pain Without Over the Counter Drugs

Joint pain indicates inflammation and in most of the cases, ibuprofen or acetaminophen is taken for relieving this ache. However, the joint pain should be seriously taken into consideration. Inflammation is like a present from the body as it is trying to safeguard you and also signifies that something is wrong. Inflammation is caused whenever your body senses some internal or external danger. Constant pain in joint is not normal and it is crucial to identify its main cause.

Prevention is better than medication. In some cases, joint pain is caused by an exercise, hectic work routine, or lack of proper diet after a workout or physical tasks. Some individuals are also affected by chronic joint pain that is linked with arthritis. If your joint pain is also due to any of these causes, then you are at the right place as I am sharing some useful tips that will help you reduce joint pain without using drugs.

Chia Pudding

1. Add Anti-inflammatory Spices to Most of Your Meals

Anti-inflammatory spices include turmeric, cinnamon, parsley, cilantro, ginger, oregano and garlic. These spices can decrease body’s acidity and directly maintain immune health that later helps with joint health. Blood circulation throughout the body can also be enhanced by these spices that can assist with muscle pains. You can add turmeric in a soup or roasted sweet potatoes, cinnamon in oatmeal or smoothie, ginger in stir-fries or tea, garlic and oregano in dinner entrees or salads, cilantro and parsley in juices, soups, smoothies or salads.


2. Consuming more Raw Foods

Try to consume more raw foods in your regular diet. Cooked vegetables also have healthy properties and can easily digest but they are acidic in nature. Therefore, it is advisable to eat more alkaline raw foods. You can enjoy eating fresh greens in smoothies, some pineapple in breakfast, and fresh vegetables, greens, or herbs in dinner and lunch rather than cooking them always. Anti-inflammatory raw foods are also a good source of fat such as pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, raw almonds and flax seeds. Minerals are included in these foods that are required for maximum joint and muscle health. Cacao is also alkaline in nature as it contains potassium and magnesium. Thus, choose raw cacao nibs instead of processed chocolate.

Consuming more raw foods

3. Drink More Water and Water-Rich Smoothies

Dehydration can also be the cause of joint pain. It is not just acidic but also put loads of strain on blood, muscles, and organs. Dehydration can lead towards inflammation along with food cravings and mineral loss. Magnesium and calcium will be directly leached from the body that will result in joint pain. Water-rich smoothies are also a good way to keep you hydrated.

Strawberry Kale Smoothie

4. Morning ‘Shot’

In the morning, healthy alkaline ‘shots’ should be consumed as they are enriched with anti-inflammatory ingredients. You can either take it early in morning or after a workout. If you are going through some irritating muscle pain, then try these morning shots for fast relief.

Try a Morning Shot

5. Ditch all Sugar and Caffeine

If you want to decrease your caffeine intake, then first eliminate soda as it is the worst of all noxious energy drinks that contain artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Then decrease your intake of coffee. Replacing your coffee with green tea is a better option as it can lessen your inflammation. Also decrease the consumption of sugar and begin eating naturally sweet foods such as fruits or green leaf stevia. Sugar is regarded as most inflammatory foodstuff; therefore it should not be consumed in excess quantity.

Ditch all the Caffeine and Sugar

So these are 5 best tips that can help you reduce joint pain without depending on drugs. Drugs can damage your liver and are also acidic to your body. These drugs may ultimately cause further problems. Use your wealth on actual foods rather than on chemicals.

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