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How to apply Mehendi (Henna) Designs on you Hands

Mehndi is in now days in Asian countries like Pakistan and India. Mehendi designs are made on hands, feet, arms as well as on legs on several occasions like weddings, festivals, Eids, engagement functions etc. there are hundreds of mehndi designs and among them some are simple, easy to make but others are complex ones which needs an expert mehndi designer. Arabic and Indian mehndi designs are very famous all over the world. Most of the time flowers, leaves and other shapes are drawn and then filling is done. Some of the designs can be easily made but there are common steps to be made first.

  • The area of body where mehndi has to be applied should be cleaned first i.e. washing the hands or arms with soap.
  • Start making the mehendi designs from arm and move towards the fingers.
  • It is important to search a design from internet or from other source so that it can be drawn easily.
  • Use the best quality and fresh mehndi so that the dark color can be achieved.
  • If the design went wrong then it should be cleaned with a tissue instead of putting wrong design.
  • The outer boundary of design should be made first and then filling is made.
  • After putting the mehndi styles on the selected area, let it be dry.
  • The mehndi should be placed for 4-5 hours to get the better results.

Mehndi Designs Step by Step Guide

The simpler the designs, the more easily it will be applied. People who are not experts in applying designs should focus on the simple designs. The Arabic designs can only be made by experts because it needs keen care. The above mentioned steps are common and should be focused upon to get the best mehndi designs. We hope, this easy and step by step tutorial will help you to apply mehendi designs on your hands.

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