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Arij Fatyma Divorced from Husband Faraz

The beautiful and newlyweds couple Arij Fatyma and Faraz is no more continue with the marital relationships because they have been done separation due to some differences. Check here Arij Fatyma and Faraz Wedding Pictures.

Arij Fatima and Faraz were married in January this year. Engagement and Nikkah ceremony were happily celebrate before two months and now have been choose separation because the differences from two families.

Arij Fatima shares this news on her Facebook fan page, she said: “I’d like to tell my fans that my relationship ended just within two weeks. It was nobody’s fault, but there were differences between the families. It was better to end it right now then have issues after rukhsati.”

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To avoid assumptions that certainly surfaces after such an incidents, she wrote, “Please don’t jump to conclusions or say that it was an impulsive move because I myself know that when relations end, it’s not a good thing. But of course, there must be a good reason for it.”

The engagement ceremony of Arij Fatyma and Faraz were celebrated on January 2, 2014 and soon after the engagement celebration, Arij got married with Faraz but the rukhsati of Arij Fatyma schedule after three days. Nikkah ceremony of Arij Fatyma and Faraz celebrated on 5 January 2014 after two days of engagement ceremony. Now they have been broke their relationship.

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