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Benefits of Yoga Exercises

Yoga Exercises TipsYoga is an exercise type which has major effects on our body and mind. Yoga is the spiritual fitness and relaxation practice. It was practiced by the religious people about 5000 years ago. Though, the origin was the East but the practice of yoga is more in the west. In fact western world takes the yoga as a trend. Medical science has also proved the good effects of yoga on body and mind.

By applying yoga in lives, Discipline is developed more in all the aspects of life, be it food habits, cleanliness, relations, behaviors, character and even in sex. Yoga means to join together, so the principle is to join the body, mind and soul together. Three areas of yoga are Asana (body), Pranayama (breathing) and meditation (mind and soul).

Practical is more important in getting known to the postures, styles, method and execution of them. It is necessary to get information about different types of yoga. Some types are listed below:

  • Vinyasa: It is also known as flow yoga in which one posture is used to warm up the body to do the next posture. Firstly sun salutations are done and then synchronized breathing movement accompanies it.
  • Ashtanga: This concentrates on the body posture. It is a set series of poses.
  • Hatha: A physical type of yoga.
  • Kundalini: Breathing with the physical movement is done in this type of yoga.
  • Bikram: It is performed in a room having 95-100 degrees temperature. Thus, the Hot Yoga is another name for this type of yoga.
  • Viniyoga: This is a specialized type of yoga in which each person creates an exercise which suits him/her.
  • Restorative: Props are used to support body while it relaxes into a specific posture.
  • Yin Yoga: Body tissue stretching yoga.
  • Savasana: It is the last pose in a yoga class. It is the resting pose.

Benefits of Yoga Exercises

The proper time, place, dress and diet are essential. The place should be calm, serene, and fresh. The ideal timings are early morning or evening, preferably without meal. The period should also be fixed. If a person does yoga for 15 minutes, he should not shorten the duration the next day.


  1. Is there any Yoga Exercises for Depression?

    • Yes Do one thing. Simple Zikar. No Formality or Wazuu Required :

      Just close your eyes. When you take breath inside just assume that Word “ALLAH” is going in your heart and when breath comes out just assume that Word “HOO” is going out of your heart . Dont say it by tongue . Just Assume it with your breath. Do it for 15 minutes twice a day . It will perfectly work. Feel free to contact me if any clarification required @ kshez@hotmail.com

  2. I really Like Ashtanga, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Exercises. Thanks for sharing nice Tips for Yoga Exercises

  3. The writter could have done a better research.
    information she provided regarding yoga is not quite accurate.

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