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10 Best and Worst Foods List for Diabetes

10 Best and Worst Foods List for Diabetes

In this article we would be discussing the food choices that diabetics should make for a healthier body and mind. Diabetes has been affecting a lot of people recently and it is essential to know which foods to take and to avoid, because diabetes is one illness which can be controlled by intake of food, what you eat is what you are. In the list below we would be stating the top 10 foods that are best suited for the diabetics and if you have this problem you don’t have to worry, you just have to make a few lifestyle changes.

Worst and Best Foods for Diabetics

Best and Worst Foods List for Diabetics


It is rich in both fiber and whole grains, what this does it that it reduces the risk of getting diabetes by about 35-40% according to researches and medically it helps in keeping glucose levels in check because of the high fiber content. The fiber doesn’t let glucose be absorbed in the body keeping the levels constant.


Beans are high in fiber and protein while also being packed with high quality carbohydrates. What this does is that It takes care of the hungry stomach while not upsetting the levels of glucose and the blood pressure. Another upside to it is that it is relatively inexpensive.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, why this seems true is that apples contain antioxidants, which help in lowering cholesterol and aid in the digestive system of the body.


Fish is a great source of protein and protein intake is useful for a person with diabetes, paired with vegetables it is one dish that would surely keep your glucose level in check while providing you with all the energy you need.


Yogurt is high in calcium and proteins and well as having high quality carbohydrates, all these things combined make sure that the sugar levels don’t rise too drastically. Calcium intake also helps in the reduction of the possibility of diabetes.

Egg Whites:

They are a source of protein while also having low levels of carbs which are unhealthy for a diabetic person, the intake of egg whites will ensure you stay healthy and your glucose level stays in check.


Avocado is really an unbelievably nutritious food and it contains heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acid that helps in humanizing a cholesterol levels in body. Avocado is very valuable and healthy food to prevent from heart disease and controls sugar levels in human body.


Garlic although not liked by many but should be included on the table just for the health benefits that it has, it helps reduce blood pressure and a healthy heart means a healthy life.


These contain high levels of magnesium, and it is a renowned fact that magnesium helps in controlling the diabetes as well as lowering the cholesterol levels, intake in general reduces the risk of getting diabetes by 33%.


Carrots not only help to keep the glucose level in check but is also good for the eyesight.

Note that all these foods mentioned here are high in protein in one way or another and that the only carbohydrates they contain are good carbs. Other than that if you feel like eating anything you need to know the contents of it first. High carbs mean unhealthy diet unless they are good carbs which also shouldn’t be taken in access. The proteins are the most suitable thing for a person with diabetes. It is not a big deal only if you keep your diet and medication in check, if not it can lead to other diseases such as heart issues and kidney problems. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

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