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Best Mobile Apps for Tracking Women Period Cycle

Periods are something among women that they don’t want to share with anyone except themselves only. It’s because this is not a thing worth sharing. No one ever wants to say anything to anyone else about the period whether it has happened or yet to happen, nothing. Some women are very good at keeping secrets and they don’t even think it necessary to be shared with someone while some of them are willing to share it with someone they really trust but couldn’t tell because they feel extremely shy.
So, now are presenting you a very happy solution to these issues.

You won’t have to share anything with anybody and you’ll also be getting proper guidance about your periods. Moreover, you will be getting exact and accurate readings about the expected upcoming period date so that you could get yourself ready for the approaching situation.

Women Period Tracking Mobile Apps

The solution is that we are going to tell you about some mobile apps that can keep track of your periods and will be giving you guidance time by time regarding your previous and upcoming expected period. For this, all you need to have is a mobile phone. Download any one of these apps and forget all worries related to your periods issues.

Tampon Reminder

Tampon Reminder is an amazing mobile application than has been developed in order to keep track of all the info related to your periods. If you are going in a busy routine then this app is very helpful because it reminds you to change your tampon just like the morning alarm wakes you up from sleep. It also generates cautions for you if you keep your tampon in for long time. All how it works is that you have to give it the date you have period and also insert the days of period cycle you mostly have. The app will do the rest of the trick.

Tampon Reminder Period Cycle Tracking App

Pink Pad

Pink Pad is also a mobile application for keeping a track record of your period dates when you have them and when is the next one expected. It also gives you alerts of the situations you might face during your period days. If you are going to be pregnant, it works even finer during pregnancy by sending alerts to you as a reminder on some specific days. It’s great to use though.

Pink Pad Women Period Cycle Tracking App

Pocket Cycle

Pocket Cycle is really an awesome application for those women who have got themselves involved in more than one partners. It works really great with such women because along with keeping record of your periods, it also reminds you when you spent your last night with your specific partner and when you can recall him. Moreover, the feature of reminding you when to take your birth control tablet so that you couldn’t get into any problem.

Pocket Cycle Period Tracking App

Hope that you will find these apps wonderful and these would be very handy for you in your life.

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