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Best Tips to stay Healthy & Fitt at Office

Everybody has his own habits and they considered to be unchanged except some rare cases. But I am telling you, you can change yourself whenever you want. The reason you have made yourselves dull and lazy is not hidden. Every one of you knows why this has happened to us. Yes, I’m referring to yourself. More than anything else, you are the reason for ruining yourself. You keep sitting idle all day long and finally go to sleep after getting tired of sitting. Wao! That’s the “hard work” you’ve been doing. Please, take a look at yourself and stop ruining your physical and mental health.

Ok, enough with reminding you the blunders you’ve been doing. Let’s move on towards the solution “Best Tips to stay Healthy & Fitt at Office“. Ah, that’s not like solving a complex maths problem. It’s easy as learning English alphabet.

Health during office hours

Just follow the following given explanation and read every point very carefully. I bet you will be feeling satisfied enough. You might be recommending this article to your fellows who are living a sedentary life style like you.

Here are the ways you can stay hale and hearty during office hours:

Be Your Email

Here, for a moment, I would disagree with the fact that email is helping us reach quickly to others. Whenever it comes to sharing some documents with your colleague who is sitting in the next room, you prefer sending him/her those documents via email instead of visiting him/her physically. That’s really not good. Instead of relying on email, you should pick those documents, stand up and visit him/her personally. Not only your body will be able to move a bit, you shall also be sharing “hello, how are you” with each other.

Get Your Smartphone’s Help

Now-a-days, there’s nobody in an office who doesn’t have a smartphone. You can get help from your smartphone in this aspect. For doing so, all you have to do is to download a decent application which has the ability to buzz your phone every 30 minutes and reminds you: “hey man, time to stand up and stretch a bit – come on”. You should stand up for few moments and stretch your body, so that the settings of body posture software could be reset.

Be Cool

Always use headset and keep your hands free. You can use Bluetooth headsets also which are more convenient. By doing this, you will be able to do some workout even during answering the call. This workout is not that much tough, all you have to do is to stand up and pick one foot slightly up while answering the call. Try to put all the weight of your body on one foot by picking the other one up. Keep switching your feet accordingly.

No Elevator, Choose Stairs

You’re sitting on ground floor; got some work for which you have to go on 1st or 2nd floor? Thinking of using elevator? NO, you can’t be that lazy. Come on, leave the elevator and head straight towards stairs. Use stairs to go up and come back to your previous position. No, I’m not trying to make you feel exhausted. I’m trying to keep you moving. By doing so, you won’t be having any awkwardness in your daily routine and you shall be a very happy as well as active person.

I’m sure you guys are going to follow the above suggested guides. Hopefully, you will be the happiest person in your office and home as well.

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  1. You seriously need to learn English before publishing articles.

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