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Big Butt Exercises – Top 6 Workouts to get a Round Butt

Having a bigger booty has always been a desire of almost every female and some of the males on this planet earth. For this people around the world do different exercise to make their booty more rounder and fascinating. Some people workout to make their booty larger and bigger while some work on their shape.

There are some inexperienced persons in the world that try to make their booty bigger and they don’t really get what they want and all their efforts go vain. But there are different exercises that can be done to make this task easy for us.

Best Exercises Tips for Big and Round Butt

Top 5 Big Butt Exercises to get Round Butt

Discussed here are big butt exercises to get a round shape butt:-

1. Climbing Stairs

The easiest exercise that can be done without going to a gym is climbing stairs. As a person climbs stairs its butt muscles is under stress whereas its leg muscles are relaxed. Climbing two stairs consecutively and skipping one stair is considered the most efficient of the simple exercise one can done to make its butt rounder and bigger.

Climbing Stairs for Round Shape Butt

2. Rope Jumping

One of the easiest and natural exercise that can be easily done at home is rope jumping. In this way when a person jumps it exert a force on the ground and a consequence of which it exerts force on it butt muscles. Rapid contraction and expansion of butt muscles can help you to make your butts rounder.

Rope Jumping Exercises for Big Butt

3. Leg Press

Butt can be made rounder by doing an exercise named Leg Press. As the name signifies it is something related to pressing your legs and exerting force to your butt muscle thus having maximum stimulation to your muscles. But it can’t be done in any way for leg press you have to sit on a chair and have to place your legs on a bit higher platform so that there is maximum muscle simulation. Now slowly and steadily exert force on the wall or the platform .Doing this exercise four times a week for 2 hours daily is very effective.

Leg Press Exercises for Round Butt

4. Deadlift

The dead lift is one of the finest exercises to make your butt rounder and make it sexier. For this purpose stand in a upright posture and hold dumbbells in both your hands. Now lower your hands put the dumbbells on the ground, again hold them and make your body straight in an upright position. Doing it excessively can help in growth if your muscles. The Optimum rate for this exercise is like around doing it for 5 times a week for a time span of one hour.

Deadlift big butt exercise for lower glutes

5. Squats

It is one of the toughest exercises done to make your bum rounder and rounder. This exercise is being done by holding a barbell on the back of your neck with the help of your hands. Move your feet 5-9 inches apart .Stand in a frame where you can place your barbell when tired. Now hold the barbell with the help of your hands and rise it to a suitable height according to your energy. Now put your right knee on the ground with holding the barbell in the stretched position of your shoulders. And repeat the same process for the other knee. This is one of the efficient tasks that can be done.

Squats Workout for Round Butt

Along with extreme hardcore workout one thing that is the most basic thing for a bigger booty is supplements. There are hundreds of different protein shakes in the market. These protein shake must be used in order to make your booty rounder. All of you know that muscles are made of amino acids and these protein shake can build up muscles real fast. Along with these supplements you must eat eggs, fish, beans and meat so that one can get proteins in a natural way.

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