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Perfect Matte Lip: 5 Easy Steps

5 Steps to the Perfect Matte Lip

Perfect matte lips give you stunning look. It has become a trend and it is liked by everyone. Many brands are adding the new dimensions in the classic matte lips with smoother milkier and creamier finishes. You can apply natural foundation with matte lips that gives you fabulous and stunning look. In the art of makeup matte lips are tricky ... Read More »

Hair Fall Treatment and Tips for Drying/Combing Hair

Hair Fall Treatment and Tips for Drying/Combing Hair

Healthy, dense and silky hairs make our personality incredibly attractive and attention grabbing. For acquiring and maintaining this attractiveness, we should be aware of different methods of taking good care of our hair. Some doctors have given several suggestions and tips for making hair more and more strong and healthy, but first of all, we should know the reasons of ... Read More »

How Women can get a Beautiful Look?

Women Beauty Tips

There’s no doubt that every woman desires of having a totally different and unique look from everybody else. She always tries to look different and inspire others somehow. It does not matter that woman is a housewife or a celebrity or an office worker, some common attributes are always common among all of them; and that is the concept of ... Read More »

How to Talk to Your Hair Stylist?

Dealing with Hair Stylist

When we visit a physician or dentist, the first thing we all have to do is to tell him what problem we’re suffering from because the treatment is not possible without diagnosis of the real problem. Similarly, it mostly becomes so much disgusting when we go for a haircut because we can’t explain to our hair stylist what we want ... Read More »

Natural Beauty Secrets for Women

Beauty Secrest to Improve Facial Skin

As far as your medical and internal facial fitness and beauty is concerned, its appearance is also significant to be considered. You’re comprehensively better appearing facial beauty makes you look like a newly blossoming flower. So, for the sake of gaining maximum facial beauty, you can follow several beauty tips and other practices. Finally, let’s move towards the points which ... Read More »

How to Apply Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions Application

Are you fed up of thinking different odd ways about your hair extension? Now it won’t be a problem for you anymore… because we are here to give you some very prestigious suggestions and tips that would really help you getting your hair stretched/extended in a delicate manner and you’ll surely look like a princess. Hair extension phenomenon has always ... Read More »

Nail Art Designs by Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Polka & Rose Floral Nail Art Designs

Today we will discuss how to Cath Kidston inspired nail art. We took inspiration from Cath Kidston’s beautiful rose fabric as we just bought a tea set interline in this print. We loved this nail art design so much that we thought we would show you guys how to do it to. Step 1:   Paint your nail in a sky ... Read More »

Women Long, Small, Medium & Curly Hairstyles Trend 2014

Women Long, Short, Medium, Ombre Buns Hairstyles

Hair styling is the symbol of beauty and it reflects people personality. Many countries are given more importance to different type of hair styles. Changing world of hair from different traditions is found. The world populations of seven billion people and almost all have head hair. These shows on a daily basis are accelerating from zero decimal five mm. Hairstyle ... Read More »

Blonde Hair Color Ideas by Celebrities

Celebrities Blonde Hair Color

Finally an answer to the age-old question – from the celebrities and socialites who have chosen to take the plunge with their hair colours! Ayesha Hashwani – Fashion Designer I’m not a natural blonde but I think I manage to have as much fun! The minute I go a bit darker, I’m miserable. There’s nothing like a good tan and ... Read More »

50 Breathtaking Arabic Mehndi Designs To Try In 2016

Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs 2016

Arabic Mehndi Designs are the major prominent, stylish and the latest fashion happenings, just called mehndi designs. Henna mehndi design prototypes are not just important in Muslim countries, but now it is more and more trendy in the Arab countries, in the other division of the planet recognized places especially in the subcontinent. In the Arabic mehndi designs dots are used with floral patterns. Some floral ... Read More »