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White Henna Designs 2016 – Temporary Tattoos on Skin

The world is full of adventurous people who love to do something exciting. White Henna also known as Tattoos, having a tattoo is an element of fun. Tattoos can be made in thousands of sizes and designs. People love to have a small tattoo on hand, arm or shoulder but some crazy people like to have a big tattoo at ... Read More »

Navel Piercing: Aftercare, Risks and How to Handle Infections

Navel Piercing: Dealing with Infections and Pain

Along with tattoos, piercing is another addictive fashion most of the people are fond of having on different parts of their body. However there are certain other fashions also present but this one seems to be most famous of all. Among piercing, the most trending style we notice is that females getting navel piercing. Although there are certain dangerous aspects ... Read More »

Latest Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women

Latest Butterfly Tattoos

There are many passionate young girls and boys who always love having tattoos designs somewhere on their body. These tattoos are of different types and the design can be anyone which they preferring having engraved on their body. Having tattoos are mostly supposed to be an awkward choice by some people but many people always favour the charm of having ... Read More »

New Cross Tattoo Designs Ideas for Men

New Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross Tattoo Designs are something most of the people desperately wish to have. Cross tattoos are always depicting something; but the real meaning and understanding of what they are visualizing is slightly difficult to understand because it totally depends on the type of cross and the way how it has been crafted. Just like some other tattoo designs, cross tattoos ... Read More »

Latest Tattoo Designs 2019 – Amazing Art on Body

New Cross Tattoo Designs

The people living in western countries are fond of new experiences and adventures. They always focus on doing something innovative. One of the most interesting jobs done by them is to have a tattoo at their bodies. Tattoos are the designs which are made on any body part with a permanent ink and have to be made with care. The ... Read More »

Hollywood Celebrity Tattoos Designs Pics

Hollywood Celebrity Tattoos Designs

We struggle o get the best and worst tattoos by its star, could not come up with the answer. So we inquire the specialists. Here are the top Hollywood celebrity tattoos pictures, these are the everlasting tattoos designs that you all will like to apply on your bodies. Some celebrities are showing off her hips beyond her pay up, these ... Read More »