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Celebrities Tips for Perfect Hair

What’s the secret to their healthy hair?

Well hair it from them.

Life can be hard on celebrities. Products, parties and shooting can ruin the most perfect hair. Unless, you have a few hair hair management tricks that help you keep your hair healthy and long-lasting, always. Much like our favourite celebrities here. Read on to find out how these beauties keep their tresses beautiful all day…

Celebrity Hair Care Tips

Sonakshi Sinha says:

Conditioner is my savior. I condition every time I shampoo. For extra benefits, I leave the conditioner in my hair for 5 minutes. I put a shower cap over my conditioned hair and then wrap a hot towel over it. When I rinse it off, my hair is baby soft and super shiny.

Expert speak:

A conditioner is absolutely necessary. Every time you shampoo, you dry out your hair by stripping away naturally occuring oils. Conditioenr puts back what your shampoo removes.

Long-Lasting Solution:

Wash and condition your hair with Pantene Smooth & Strong. While the conditioner is still in, comb through your hair to keep knots from forming and then don’t comb hair post-shower. When your hair is semi-dry, use a paddle brush and blow dry from root to tip, curling the tips inward.

Katrina Kaif says:

I always keep my hair clean. I never sleep with any product in it. And I make sure I use a nourishing shampoo.

Expert Speak:

This sounds simple, but you will be shocked at how many women don’t do this. Women think it’s ok to wash their hair just once or twice a week. It is not. Dirty hair can’t ‘breathe’ and tends to break easily.

Long-Lasting Solution:

Shampoo your hair every alternate day with Pantene Milky Extra Treatment. It repairs all the past damage caused due to styling and pollution. Follow it up with the conditioner from the same range. Remember to always condition it from the ears down. Leave the conditioner for a minimum of 3 minutes before rinsing. Don’t rinse it off completely. Leave a wee bit in to fight the frizz better.

Sushmita Sen says:

I believe in the powers of massage. But since I’m usually short of time, I simpley spend a few extra minutes shampooing my hair in gentle circular motions with a shampoo meant for hair fall. It works brilliantly.

Expert Speak:

A massage increases blood circulation and strengthens hair. Top that up with Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo, and you will see far less hair on your bathroom floor.

Long-Lasting Solution:

Gently massage Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo onto your scalp as you work up a lather. Use only your finger tips, never use your nails as you will scratch your scalp. Follow it up with New Pantene Anti Hair Fall Conditioner. It’s a highly potent product that works on the weak strands, making them stronger and more resistant to breakage.

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