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Home Decor with Feng Shui Color Tips

Colours surround us like blanket. There is no way we can escape them. Pleasant colours or aggressive colour; they stimulate our metabolism and intrigue our moods. While red may excite passion, for others it instigates anger. Choosing the right color that favors us matter a lot. But how we use colours matter even more. Nothing can beat the power of colours. The influence is powerful.

Their impact is deep. Be it colours of nature that calm us or shades we create by combining various colours together, the role they play in our life is undeniable.

Use of colours according to feng shui brings instant success, peace and harmony in life. Feng meaning Wind and Shui meaning Water is the ancient Chinese science. The concept of “chi” is the energy that feng sui strives to balance. Chi is a power beyond the physical world. If fend shui is followed correctly, chi drives away all negative energies and promotes wellness through positive energies.

Home Decor with Feng Shui Color Tips

Follwing colours set according to begua in feng shui can do wonders both at home and work. The right feng shui use of colours can do wonders for any home or office. Feng shui takes the use of colour to the higher level, where each color brings the desired feng shui energies to a space, the energies needed to bring harmony and balance. Bagua are the areas designated in Feng Shui. Branched out in eight directions each area represents various aspects of life.

There are many colours to choose from. It is picking the right shade that gives way to chi giving it the freedom to work in union with colours. The best way to choose the right tone for your interior decor is to consult a color palette such as Master Paints, which has over 110 colours. To promote harmonious bond at home, attract love, power and wealth consider pondering upon following feng shui tips.

There are many colours to choose from. It is picking the right shade that gives way to chi giving it the freedom to work in union with colours.

Red for Love, Passion and Fame

One of the strongest colours is feng shui, it represents the element fire. It brings energy of joy, excitement and invigorates love and passion. Considered a color of lucks and happiness, its power is unbeatable. Tie red ribbon around feng shui items or good luck items to “activate” them. A red focus wall will help achieve fame and positive reputation in life.

Yellow for Nourishment and Happiness

Yellow is ‘happy’ color that uplifts the mood with its sunny and nourishing feeling. Representing fire and earch element in feng shui, its best suited for room that nourishes well-being. Yellow is cozy and helps welcome feng shui energy in your kitchen, living room or children’s rooms. Fuse the color from earth soft tones of yellow to luxurious gold as of the corn fields; yellow attracts positive chi to boost energy. A patio painted in yellow is a sign of ‘welcome’ for loved ones coming home while giving a signal “come back soon” to those parting.

Blue for Tranquility, Skills and Knowledge

Presenting water element in feng shui, blue is a magnificent color. From deep indigo to soft aqua blue of the ocean or the azure blue sky and deep indigo blue, there are endless shades to choose from. Vivid Blue is best for use in East to promote health, Southeast for money and North for Career. Blue promotes clarity, relaxation, renewal, and nobility. It is an excellent color to enhance skills and knowledge.

Green for Growth, Health and Vibrancy

Color for renewal, fresh energy and regeneration it represents Wood Element that is a symbol of life. Nourishing to your health, Green balances whole body and its mechanism by bringing with it healing vibrations from mother-nature. The evergreen color boosts life in winter and keeps the ambiance fresh in summer. When incorporating green in home decor, it is essential to work with different shades in order to maximize the feng shui energy efforts. For homes or offices that are deprived of garden or lawn, indoor plants are best to promote the feeling of green.

Orange for Social, Openness and Optimism

A representative of fire element an orange wall is most loved by artists, painters and people who possess strong aesthetic sense. Orange feature walls are pretty much in trend these days. Associated with social interaction, openness and optimism, it promotes feng shui energy to stimulate lively conversations and good times at work and home. Like the glow of log fires it creates warmth in the aura and ambiance of a room. Although less exciting than red, it is rather pleasantly stimulating.

Purple for Royalty, Mystery and Nobility

Another representative of Fire element Purple flourishes abundance and prosperity at home and work alike. However, it’s adivsed by feng shui experts to use the color in moderation. Since it is high in its vibrancy, it is the best to throw a dash of Purple in upholstery and decor. Colours such as lavender, violet, lilac or mauve add romanticism to a bedroom. Purple ribbon on the door knob attracts wealth.

White for Purity, Simplicity and Spirituality

An essential color in feng shui, it completes the yin yang accompanied by black. It represents the Metal element in feng shui. If pure white seems bland go for a blend with green, yellow or grey. Wall done subtle shade of white will add spacious feeling to a room. White is perfect color to promote clarity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, purity, hope, expansiveness and openness. No doubt it’s difficult ot keep white walls clean, it helps accentuate colours used in accessories and decorations. Fantastic for bathrooms. White is a wonderful color to use in the areas related to creativity, children and travel areas of the bagua.

Black for Money, Wisdom and Justic

Black is for the water element in feng shui. This color helps bring in money and income, and is best represented by black goldfish. An aquarium with a black and two red ones kept hear an entrance bring endless luck in money matters. While many may not like black wall, a selected area painted in black not only looks chic but also spirituality, mystery and exploration. Black is associated with seriousness, justice, power and wisdom. It’s must color for gates and door.

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