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How to Exercise at the Office Chair?

Here, it is going to be an extensive and comprehensive description full of tips and tactics for performing exercise without even leaving your chair. These will be very useful and beneficial for such women and girls who work in offices and have very busy schedule and do not get any extra time from their busy life routine.

Exercises During Office Work

All you have to take care of is to make sure you stand up at least once every hour. Trying these quick and easy movements can make a lot of difference and help you gaining maximum advantage without disturbing your work routine.

Easy & Best Exercises During Work Hour 

Crossed Leg Stretch

This exercise does not require your standing posture or bending posture. You can perform this exercise while you are sitting. All you have to do is to keep your right heel (foot) on your left knee. Now start lowering your head, shoulders and torso slowly and steadily towards your knee. You can now feel a considerable stretch in your hips and lower back. After this, get back to normal position releasing your stretched body parts and repeat same gesture by switching legs this time. Repeat this exercise as per your desire.

Side Seated Stretch

You need to sit straight on a chair for performing this exercise. As this is side seated stretch, so now, you have to lean towards your right or left side and touch the floor with your fingertips. Taking a deep breath can make you feel stretch in your abdominal area; keep doing as long as you can. Come back to your normal position while taking a deep breath once again. Now repeat same stretch while changing the leaning side.

Chest Opener

Open your palms while stretching your arms towards back of your body. Now is the time to do the real trick. Press your shoulder blades together and your chest will get opened. Take a deep breath and bring your hands right up your head while exhaling. In this way, try to move your arms in a circular way; from back to up and then front; and from front to up and then back.

Chair Twist

Sitting all the daylong in same posture can be worst for the bones joints of your body. Chair twist is all about relaxing, refreshing and energizing your back and bone joints. While you are sitting on a chair and your feet are on the floor, move your body towards right side and hold the right side of your chair with both hands. Keep holding it for some time, until you feel a pull in your back. This exercise much useful as it does not let your bones joints freeze down in a single position. Try out these simple tips and don’t let yourself get lazy and sleepy while working in office or anywhere else. It will also make your day happier and refreshed.

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