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Fashion tips to wear right dress for your body shape

Every woman is different from another in many ways. Women are not similar in looks, height, complexion, weight; hair color etc. just like these factors, every woman has different body shape too. Some of them are thin, some are fat, some have broad shoulders, some have big thighs etc. these things determine the body shape of woman. It is important for women to wear the dress as per their physique. If the incorrect dress is worn then the entire look can be destroyed.

Fashion Tips for Different Body Shaped Women

One the basis of different factors, woman body shape is classified as under:

  • Triangle body shape
  • Rectangular body shape
  • Inverted triangle body shape
  • Hour glass body shape
  • Diamond body shape
  • Round body shape

Types of women body shape

What is the right dress for your body shape?

It is very important to know that:

Triangle body shape

The triangle body shape is considered to be that body shape in which the women posses narrow shoulders while her lower side is big i.e. big thighs or butts. For such type of body shape, the women should wear the attractive tops so that the full attention of viewers goes on the upper portion of body. It is good to use beautiful jewelry, scarves, neck items etc for looking attractive. In short such women should wear those dresses with the help of which the lower body part can be covered and upper part like shoulders looks broad.

Dresses for Triangle Body Shape

Rectangular body shape

The rectangular body shape is considered to be that body shape in which the female posses same sized upper and lower body parts. The hips and the breast or upper portion has same size. This kind of body shape doesn’t have a clear waist line or waist curve. Women with such body shape should wear the dresses which doesn’t make their waist prominent. The women can also wear clothes with curves so that their waist line can look prominent.

Clothes for Rectangle Body Shapes

Inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangle body shape: this kind of body shape is considered to be opposite than that of triangle body shape. The women with this body shape have big breast or wide shoulders but theor butts are too small. Such women should wear the clothes in which their breast look small while their butts are enhanced. The entire focus must be on enhancing the butts so that an attractive look can be achieved.

Fashion tips for Inverted Triangle Shaped Women

Hour glass body shape

Hour glass body shape: This is the ideal and best body shape for women. The butts and cheast are of same size and their is perfect waist curve. Any type of dress can be worn by you if you have this body shape. You will look simply fabulous in every dress with this body shape.

Hourglass shaped women dressing guide

Diamond body shape

Diamond body shape: If you posses diamond body shape, this means you have big chest, prominent waist line but your thighs or butts are small. For such kind of body shapes, you need to wear the dresses which enhances the butts size. You can wear frocks and similar type of clothes so that your lower body part can be enhanced.

Diamond Body Shape Women Dressing

Round body shape

Round body shape: This is the worst body shape which any woman can posses. There is no waist line, the breast and butts are flat or small sized. You need to take great care while wearing a dress on such body. Your entire focus should be on making the waist line prominent so that a difference can be observed in upper and lower body parts.

Fashion tips for round body shaped women

It is highly important that you wear the best design of dress as per your body shape and size. Otherwise the entire personality can be affected. You don’t need to worry if you are not smart or thin or tall. You can create an illusion of being thin, hot, smart and sexy by wearing the most appropriate dress as per your body shape and mass.

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