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Fructose consumption can lead to obesity and diabetes

We all know that people are getting fatter and suffering from different kinds of diseases because of a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

An IMSS study has shown that eating foods with fructose increases the risk for heart disease, diabetes and overweight.

Fructose is a form of sugar found in fruits, vegetables and honey, which is often used to flavor food junk, thanks to cost less, together with the known glucose sugar refined form normally consume.

Fructose consumption can lead to obesity and diabetes

Due to its natural origin, fructose was considered as a sweetener for diabetics and as a healthy sweetener alternative, however, with the passage of time, it has been shown that when fructose is processed, nothing else can do it through the liver and this implies that the organ in question works more and neglects their usual functions.

The unrefined fructose is good for health, but the problem comes when eating junk food and artificial drinks that contain high amounts of this sweetener.

This information is already in the public domain, but in Latin America is still considered to fructose as a good alternative when a healthy diet (and of course, take into account that it is very cheap), so it was decided to make the corresponding medical study by pediatrician Villaroel Luis Celestino Cruz.

“It has been observed that people who consume sugary drinks, sweets and other foods with fructose usually have narrower arteries and therefore, this causes more heart attacks and poor circulation in general.”

This happens also for the insulin resistance that causes fructose and as mentioned, prevents the body process sugar better bring consumed and various physical ailments that cause health damage.

We recommend moderate consumption of sugar and turn to other alternatives, and if eating fruits, of preference for breakfast, so that nutrients and sugars are used throughout the day’s activities.

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