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Green Tea Nutritional and Proven Health Benefits

How Green Tea Benefits Your Health?

Tea is one of the most widely used beverages all round the world. There are different ways of making tea but the most basic one is soaking the dried leaves of a plant in hot water and adding some additional products to enhance its taste.

There are different kind of teas varying on the leaves being used. Each Tea has its own speculator significance and usage varying from regions to regions. A list of the commonly used teas used are:

  1. White Teas
  2. Green Teas
  3. Oolong Teas
  4. Black Teas
  5. Herbal Teas

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Out of all these our center of attention is green tea because of its unlimited benefits on our health. Green tea is basically used all across the world to:

  • Aid against obesity.
  • Makes the heart stronger and helps fight against Coronary Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Release tension and depression
  • Improves the excretory system.


Recently studies conducted at American Institute of Medical Sciences came with a conclusion that drinking green early morning before breakfast can help reduce weight up to 3 kilograms in a period of 5-7 weeks. Green Tea contains natural chemicals that are used to break down fats of one body. A result of which germs are excreted out of the body in form of sweat.

Green Tea Health Benefits and Nutritions


The most important effect of green tea is on a heart. Heart which is known as one of the most important and vital organ of a human system is prone to a large number of diseases in the basis of its sensitivity.

Green tea helps make a heart stronger and helps it fight against diseases related to heart. It also regulates the blood flow to different vital organs of the human body.


In countries like CHINA and Japan where the people green tea is common and people consume it on daily basis, such people are less inclined to be a victim of cancer because green tea is a good remedy against cancer and it inhibits the production of cancerous cells.

After a survey conducted in a remote area of Hubei Province it was witnessed that almost all of the cancer patients were provided with green tea twice in a day as a natural remedy against cancer.

These patients were victim of different cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and gall bladder cancer and the result was very astonishing. Most of the patients were improving real fast.

Green tea improves the immune system of the human body by increasing the production of antibodies in a human body that fight and eliminate diseases.

Releases Tension and Depression:

Green Tea is also being used as an anti-depressant. It contains natural chemicals known as polyphenols also a large amount of caffeine. It helps to lower your cholesterol level and hence blood pressure.

Excretory System and Green Tea:

Green tea is a very effective mean by which we can eliminate germs from our body. Green tea can help us get rid of different germs and toxins produced by our body. It can help us eliminate urinary infections. It efficiently kills all the microbes present in the urinary track as well as the gall bladder.

Final Conclusion:

After reading the above scholarly article on green tea and its benefits on human life. One must come to a conclusion that usage of green tea can help us fight diseases including cardiovascular disease, different type of cancers, obesity, tension, depression, anxiety and many others. So that from a natural tea we can live healthy life and avoid going to hospitals and getting painful treatments.

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