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A Guide For Decorating with Curtains

A Guide For Decorating with Curtains

Curtains are one of the most visible and gorgeous elements in a room, they greatly stand out even when drawn apart thus the colour and pattern should be carefully chosen. Curtains are also an important method to add textures in a room along with personality and glamour but all these wonderful looks cannot be achieved by simply buying and placing any sort of curtains; you need to carefully select an ideal fabric and choose a size and accessories also to derive a gorgeous look.

Home Curtain Design guide

Size And Proportion

Size mustn’t be overlooked but the larger it is the better and more luxurious your drapery will be. You must allow your curtains to have generous proportions; at least double the width of your window even if they mostly remain open, this will ensure enough folds for the fabric to easily drape. Length of curtains be as long as your window but it’s best to take it down to the floor if you looking for an elegant effect, when closed they will also make your windows appear spacious. You can even keep them longer then the floor length to form a puddle on the floor to provide a rich look.

Curtain Lining

Padding the backside of your curtains with lining ensures control of light and temperature making it a necessity in hot climates as it can absorb the heat while generally if late risers don’t want the sun coming in their eyes then slight padding can block the light a great deal. Blackout lining will allow no light to pass through at all thus most preferable for bedrooms while a simple cotton lining allows the light to filter and protects your curtains while stronger insulating lining is best for temperature control. Lining also helps maintain the fall of curtains so their beauty lasts.

Curtain Hardware

The hardware for a cabinet would be a knob but the hardware for a curtain would be its rod and hooks for tiebacks. Rods are available in numerous style, colours, patterns and width etc. thus you need to choose yours according to the curtains and other accessories in the room. If your curtains are red and blue with hints of hold while your room lamps and canvas picture frames are gold, the curtain can match and merge with a dull gold rod. Tie back hooks should be bought in a set which completely go with the rod or they can also made on your own.

Choice Of Fabric

We all want the best fabric for our curtains but budge and available patterns and colours become a pain during this choosing process. If your room will be used roughly then go for cotton curtains, they are very versatile and simple to clean. Velvet curtains add shine and glamour to any room and they can really catch the eye thus suited for large, formal rooms. Sheers such as lace or silk provide true beauty and grace but they don’t do much for privacy, they are perfect for an art gallery where you would want light to shine upon print your photos on canvas.

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