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Hollywood Celebrity Tattoos Designs Pics

We struggle o get the best and worst tattoos by its star, could not come up with the answer. So we inquire the specialists. Here are the top Hollywood celebrity tattoos pictures, these are the everlasting tattoos designs that you all will like to apply on your bodies.

Some celebrities are showing off her hips beyond her pay up, these stars would like you to recognize where their tattoos and here to continue, of course there are more than a few descriptions of each now and again. See here your favorite celebrity tattoos.

Hollywood Celebrity Tattoos Designs

Celebrity Tattoos Designs

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, who once wore the famous Billy Bob Thornton’s blood just about her neck vials, also has his own name ‘Angelina Jolie’ tattooed dragon on his arm. After they broke up the star had it layered off, and was born with her children.

Angelina Jolie Tattoo Design Pics

Katie Price

Hollywood one of the most stylish model Katie Price has a coronet with “Princess”, for her cute baby and “Pete” former husband Peter Andre is now signed on her left arm wrist. But Katie freshly hid in a tattoo salon.

Katie Price Tattoo Design Pics

Amy Winehouse

Disturbed American singer Amy Winehouse has more than a few tattoos designs on her body, including in her heart for the former husband Blake Field and her arms this sexy girl “Blake.”

Amy Winehouse Tattoo Design Pics

Alyssa Milano

She is one of the top famous Hollywood celebrities. She apart from her ankles abbreviations used a rosary cross and angel back “ex flame”. But her tattoo didn’t like by the people and experts.

Alyssa Milano Tattoo Design Pics

Adriana Lima
The American actress Adriana Lima, the model has been a lot of heat on the globe for her tattoo designs. Fortunately, she is so hot, however, no one’s psyche. We believe this is the bottle with tattoo artist.

Adriana Lima Tattoo Design Pics

Eliza Dushku

American actress and model Eliza Dushku, who speaks that she similar to to capture a glimpse of her tattoos design, she went to take a shower, double-headed eagle tattoo style on her back.

Eliza Dushku Tattoo Design Pics

Charlize Theron

Hollywood model and actress Charlize Theron, who achieve an Academy Award for her leading character in Monster, she decorated small fish tattoo design on her ankle and also a flower on her foot. This tattoo design copied by millions of people in the next few coming days when she show her tattoo on the award ceremony.

Charlize Theron Tattoo Design Pics

Heidi Klum

American renowned model Heidi Klum, who transformed her undertake with husband Seal all time. She advises to the community that the celebrity couple comprise tattoos to celebrate their fourth wedding.

Heidi Klum Tattoo Design Pics


Hollywood actress and model Rihaana has numerous tattoos styles on her body, including a tiny Maori tattoo design on her wrist (left side) with former boyfriend Chris Brown. This was the most demanding tattoo design at that time.

Celebrity Rihanna Tattoo Design

Scarlett Johansson

Actress and model Scarlett Johansson surprised to all the fans and followers when she appeared in The Other Boleyn Girl with this tattoo design last year’s first performance. She said; seem to be at the first light on the arm of her make her happy.

Scarlett Johansson Tattoo Design

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