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Jennifer Lawrence Calls Pictures Hacking a “Sex Crime”

When a group of hackers, published photographs of a very special young American actress Jennifer Lawrence, a naked last August, Lawrence hit a state of shock.

After the appearance of images, the users of social networking sites to publish the picture, which has increased from the star shocked her winning an Academy Award.

In an exclusive statement to Lawrence in the magazine ‘The Vanity Fair’, she said she could not respond to the spread of the picture, because everything I tried saying or writing it down, make them cry, or made her feel very angry, because they were not learning the impact on her career.

In its dialogue with the magazine, which is scheduled to be published in full in the number of the month of November, I spoke to Lawrence about a lot of emotions that hit after the publication of her image bare.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Leaked Photos

She said: In the beginning I tried to write an apology, but I have not committed anything so I apologize because of him, we have the picture was taken during my relationship with a person, which lasted four years, stressing that her body is her only, is not entitled to a judgment upon or interfere affairs in this way.

And considered what happened to her is not a scandal, it is a sexual offense and assault, and demanded the imposition of the death of such a deed, her or any other girl or lady, she said, the law should be changed, or we should we change it.

Jennifer Lawrence Hacked Leaked Pics

She pointed out that being a public figure, does not permit or justify any published photographs of her hand, or the transfer of information about them without Astimanha.

She drew her both saw this picture, or helped to publish, saying, see the photos of each, or published by you live in shame, because you participated in the sexual assault, and is immoral.

On the other hand, live Lawrence case of artistic activity, where the filming of Serena, who shared starring American actor Bradley Cooper.

It also finished filming the latest series of films parts of the hunger games, which starred shared a large number of stars, including Liam Heemsorth, and Juliana Moore, and others.

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