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Little London Company Summer Kids Collection

Little London Company Summer Kids Collection

I spy with my Little Eye something beginning with ‘L’.

While many fashion and lifestyle stores are being opened for men and women, the beginning of August saw the opening of ‘Little London Company’ a unique boutique for kids, which is a heaven for Tiny Tots, a Little world of natural goodness & its opened its doors for the very first time in our very own beloved city of Lahore! I was delighted with the shops iconic London theme offering the best of Britan.

This delightful little boutique is brought to us by Farwa Tahir and Amir Mshkoor and Misha Peracha. When asked for her inspiration and what made her decide to open up a shop in Lahore, Farwa says that ‘I’ve been living in London for the past 4 years, it’s a great place to live for families because of the availability of different products, be they ethically sourced or organic or free-range or simply innovative.

Let’s have a look on Little London Company Summer Kids Collection

Products range from the simple but effective to the quirky and design based but all around there is a lot of product to choose from. I was born and bred in Lahore so still have all my friends and family here and so have an understanding of what the market wants or has been asking for.

This is only a glimpse of some of the treasures I found at Little London Company. I would definitely recommedn all the mothers to make a visit to this one stop shop for their entire baby needs and take the kids with.

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