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Luxury Pret or Bridal Collection by The House of Kamiar Rokni

Fashion label The House of Kamiar Rokni is one of the most promising fashion brand by talented fashion designer Kamiar Rokni. The fashion brand deals in women luxury pret, bridal and couture to make the women perfect on every occasions. The brand introduced its new Luxury Pret and Bridal Collection which includes beautiful dress for women party wear as well as bridal wear dresses which is perfect of new fashion trend.

Let’s have a look on Kamiar Rokni by The House of Kamiar New Bridal Wear Luxury Pret Collection for Women:-

The fashion brand has been nominated and achieve many awards for best fashion designing in women clothing line. They are producing high quality women luxury wardrobe for last several years and got good feedback from its customers.

Kamiar Rokni and his Muse, Maleeha Naipaul. Featuring Fashion Designer Kamiar Rokni and his Muse, Maleeha Naipaul.

Kamiar Rokni

I’ve always been partial to the charms of a lanky girl, and Maleeha has a killer slouch and tough femininity that I especially like. A muse is someone who inspires but also someone that you can collaborate and conspire with. She has always been my muse. I gave her my peacock print lame rag when I was six. She was so chic. Maleeha understands clothes and her input is always sound. She is naturally elegant and has a certain restraint that goes very well with The House of Kamiar Rokni aesthetic.

Maleeha Naipaul

My earliest memories of Kami have to do with fashion. He’s been designing clothes since he was five, cutting up Barbie clothes to revamp them, and once he got into huge trouble for cutting patches out of his grandmothers sari’s to make Barbie clothes. Designing is in his blood. It is all he has ever known. He has the most amazing colour sense and I love all his designs because he is so innovative. He puts his heart and soul into everything he creates.

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