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Everything about Mangoes: Nutritional Facts & Health Benefits

Everything about Mangoes: Nutritional Facts & Health Benefits

No one can deny the gifts which god has given to the human beings as well as other creations. There are several types of natural products which are very useful and found on the earth in abundance. The biggest gift is the fruits as well as vegetables. These are provided to the human beings and other living creature to get benefit out of them.

Most important fruit is considered to be the mango, which is simply favorite and eaten by the people all over the world. The mangoes are found in specific regions of world and they have many kinds as well. In Asian regions, mangoes are found in summers and people enjoy the season by eating mangoes, making shakes out of it or by making deserts and ice creams.

Mangoes Nutrition Values Calories and Benefits

Mangoes can be eaten in any form and is highly useful fruit in the world. Mangoes are very famous in Asian regions including India and Pakistan and are cultivated as well. The taste of mango is simply sweet and delicious and is considered to be the king of all fruits.

Types of Mangoes

It is important to keep in mind that there are various forms and types of mangoes. These differ in shape, size as well as taste. Some of the important types are discussed as under:

1. Ataulfos

These types of mangoes contain small seeds and they are creamy as well as sweet in taste. The color of such mangoes is vibrant yellow and they contain less fiber as compared to other ones. The shape of such mangoes is oval and they are small in size. Such types of mangoes are available in US during the summer seasons.

2. Francis

This type of mango is rarely found and not cultivated in high quantity. The taste of these mangoes is sweet and spicy and it contains fibers too. Francis is available in bright yellow color and is very juicy with S-shaped body. This type is also available in summers only but is very tasty.

3. Keitts

Such types of mangoes are available in Asian regions and are found in late summers. These are used by the local residents to make pickles and jams. They are very sweet in taste and contain small amount of fibers. This type of mangoes is very juicy and tasty with oval shape and large in size. The color of such mangoes can be dark or light green and is favorite type for Asian people. These mangoes are exported to the western regions in late summers.

4. Kents

This is the type of mangoes which is very famous all over the world. Kents are very tasty, juicy and contain only few ratio of fibers. It is one of the oldest form of mangoes and available in dark green color. The size of kent is big and is available in oval shape. Such mangoes are commonly found in US as well as Asian countries.

5. Tommy Atkins

Such types of mangoes are very sweet as well as have mildly taste. These are widely used by the people because of their delicious taste. There are no fibers in such type of mangoes. These are available in medium as well as in big sizes and present in reddish green color. Such types of mangoes are very useful for the vision and can be purchased in winters as well.

There are many other types but these are not so famous. These include Edward, Kesar as well as manila and parmer etc. these are not commonly found and eaten by the people.

Mangoes Nutritional Facts

It is important to know that there are different types of nutrients and healthy factors available in mangoes. These are:

  • Energy
  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins including vitamin K, C, B6, B2, E, folate and many more
  • Trace metals including calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus, manganese etc.

Health Benefits of Mangoes

Due to the presence of vitamins and other nutritional elements in mangoes, there are unlimited benefits associated with them. Different types of diseases and problems can be cured with the help of mangoes. It is said that mangoes can be even used by the diabetic patients in the form of mango lassi for controlling the sugar level. Some of the benefits are as under:

1. Good for Eye Health

Mangoes are enriched with various types of vitamins including A and E. both of the vitamins are considered to be highly useful for the eyes health. If you want to make your vision sharp then you should eat mangoes on daily basis in summers. The eye related problems like eye burning, itching as well as color blindness and dryness of eyes can be cured by eating mangoes.

2. Maintains Blood Pressure

Mangoes are ample in mineral deposits including magnesium as well as potassium so they have an ability to control the blood pressure and keep it normal. Heart patient or BP patient should eat mangoes on regular basis to solve the problem.

3. Good for Skin

The mangoes are considered to be high in vitamin E as well as vitamin A. these two vitamins are very useful in making the skin fresh and giving it a soft touch. The mangoes have an ability to open the clogged skin pores and make the skin fresh as well as shiny. Girls who want to make the skin fresh and to make the complexion fair should eat mangoes.

4. Helps in Digestion

Mangoes are considered to be highly useful in digestion process. There are lots of digestive enzymes present in the mangoes which can make the digestion easy. If a person is suffering from acidity or other stomach issues then mangoes should be eaten regularly. The constipation can also be resolved when you eat mangoes.

5. Cures Anemia

The anemic patients should eat mangoes because there is a large amount of vitamin C in it. The presence of iron in the mangoes can accelerate the growth of red blood cells and the anemia is simply cured.

6. Increases Memory

This fruit aids to improve attentiveness among offspring. The memory can be enhanced when you eat the mangoes so these should be eaten by children as well as by the adults.

No one can deny the benefits of mangoes. The unlimited benefits are related with health and cooking etc. each and every type of mango is tasty, healthy as well as enriched with vitamins and nutritional elements. The mangoes are available in different sizes and have own characteristics. It is important for people of every age group to consume mangoes on regular basis. You can get benefit out of mango by storing it in many forms. Pickles and jams are made by the people and industries and then eaten whole year. There are many types of desserts, juices as well as shakes which can be made by using this fruit. You can make ice-cream and then store in the cool place for long usage. The benefits and uses cannot be denied and are unlimited in number. But it should be kept in mind that mangoes are difficult to store for long time period even in fridge so should be consumed in healthy condition, otherwise different infections can take place.

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