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Mathira Husband Farran J Mirza Pics

Late night show ‘Love Indicator‘ famed girl Mathira Mohammad now reveal about her husband. Mathira’s fan and followers are angry because she never share her wedding news with them. So, now Mathira decided to tell something about her husband.

Mathira’s husband name is Farran J Mirza (DJ Flint J). He is a singer, song writer and a composer. His field of music is Electronic Pop. Farran J Mirza spent most of his life in UK and Dubaid, studied major in Business Management at The American University.

Recently Mathira gives birth to a cute baby boy. They have been decided their baby name ‘Aahil‘. Aahil means Prince.

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Mathira Mohammad Husband Pics

Mathira recently interviewed, she said:

I love children. My little prince is a blessing for me and our families are enjoying every bit of this joy. Everyone is in love with him.

I believe God plans everything for a reason and He is the one who chooses your soulmate for you,” she feels.

Mathira took both her fans and members of the entertainment industry by surprise with the news of her marriage last year. “It shouldn’t be surprising that I got married, as sooner or later, I was going to tie the knot.

All I can say is that he is a gem of a man,” she says. “He always manages to make me smile, understands me and my silence. I’m blessed to have such a caring and loving husband.

My parents believe that it is the boy and the girl who have to live together, so why not let them decide who they wish to spend their life with.

I thought she would have the typical ‘star’ attitude, so I kept my [initial] conversation with her light and basic.

Mathira Husband Farran J Mirza said: “Mathira is an ideal partner and a girl who anyone would want to be with. I know a lot of men would hate me right now, especially in Pakistan, because I am with someone that most of them were wishing to be with. Mathira is an understanding and dedicated wife, but no relationship in this world is perfect. We have our own share of small arguments at times, but what matters is that we are always there for each other at the end of the day.”

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