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Meera ready to work in Pashto movie “Worbal”

Pakistani actress Meera Jee never misses any chance to highlight on the news stream. Now lollywood actress and model Meera Jee will work in an upcoming Pashto movie WORBAL. The film will be shot in different cities of Pakistan such as Murree, Islamabad and Peshawar.

I hope many other famous Pakistani actors will work with us because we have upgraded the standard of Pashto movies, Shahid Khan said. Other renowned actors who have appeared in Pashto movies include Veena Malik and Khushbu.

Pakistani actress Meera

Shahid Khan, Producer of the movie “Worbal” said white talking to the media that the joint venture with a national focus, unlike most Pashto movies are typically restrict their visitors from across the province.

Most talented Muhammad Kamal Pasha wrote the storyline of the film. Tahseen Khan will organize and done the camera work for the movie “Worbal” while Saeed Tehkali worked on the dialogues.

Producer of the film Shahid Khan said:

The film will prove to be a milestone for the Pakistani film industry, adding that it was great that mainstream actors were now expressing an interest to act in Pashto films. Meera agreed to work on the project, despite having other offers of regional films.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Home and tribal affairs department has been banned five Pashto movies last month from being screened in the cinemas because they have not obtained approval from the censor board before screened it on cinemas.

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