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New Bridal Wear Collection by Elan

The force behind the highly successful luxury fashion label Elan, Khadija Shah is one of Pakistan’s foremost fashion designers and has gained wide critical acclaim for her designs. Known for her flawless cuts, beautiful embellishments and divine aesthetic sense, Khadijah’s creations are much sought after – be it Elan’s bridal wear, luxury pret line or even her lawn prints that have been sold out for two consecutive years.

Now we have the winter collections out in stores and abroad. For us, along with neutrals, shades of navy blue, black, grey, burgundy, deep purple & indigo are predominant.

For the summer, I gravitate towards cooler shades and use a lot of pastel colours. Lighter shades of blue, green, beige, peach, pink and grey have a cooling effect as opposed to warmer tones which can get overwhelming. I work with darker colours and jewel tones when winter comes around and bridal season is in full swing. My personal preference is always towards fighter tones and I wear a lot of white, pale green, mint, blue and grey. I also love wearing black and stick to a neutral colour palette.

Let’s have a look on latest Elan’s Bridal Wear Collection:-

Now we have the winter collections out in stores and aboard, you’ll find that they use a lot of neutral colours in the winter. Shades of navy blue, black, grey, burgundy, deep purple and indigo are predominant.

I think we’re becoming more experimental when it comes to colour and designers are pushing the boundaries vis-a-vis colour. Previously, it was widely accepted that a bride should only wear red on her wedding but now, people choose all sorts of colours and brides are wearing orange, light green, pink, yellow and so on.

In my house as well, wherever I’ve used colour on the walls, I have gone with lighter tones of grey and creamy shades of pearl. I don’t like closed spaces so I don’t believe in using darker shades for walls as they give me a feeling of being boxed in. It also has to do with the climate as most of our country has summer eight months of the year. Colours such as black, navy blue and red do give a more dramatic effect, but they also make a space seem smaller and closed in. I think it is wiser going with lighter shades of blue, yellow and even taupe. We do have a lot of houses in Pakistan with bold and colourful interiors, with similar artwork and bright upholstery, and they look spectacular.

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