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Bridal Wedding Dresses Collection by Designer Sadaf Arshad

It’s high time for Pakistani Fashion outlookers to accept fashion as a serious business and promote the young designer brigade who has made their debut this year and were appreciated much to our surprise by veterans. Sadaf Arshad is the most talented Pakistani Fashion Designer deals in women wear luxury pret and bridal collection. We have asked these young’uns about their venture and experience in the fashion industry so far.

Here about outstanding creativity, our young brigade of designers have proved to the world that they are ready to crave their niche in their chosen field. They are young, energetic, and talented and even have a mind that thinks out of the box. Everyone created something different and unique and it was an interesting yet difficult experience to short list those who seemed the most promising for fashion industry. We celebrating and appreciating these young bloods in this New Year issue.

Has fashion always been your passion?

It’s all about your interest and this way you want to take this passion. From the very beginning I wanted to pursue my career as a fashion designer. I continued my drem by starting with my own wardrobe and then there I was at BCW 2012.

How difficult was it for you to penetrate into this industry?

It’s very clear that with plain. We learn and with learning there is a chance for us to grow. One needs time to understand the pros and cons of its decision and the time to make its way in this industry. I was lucky one to get a supportive environment therefore I grow more in this field.

How do you feel about giving the big guns in the industry a run for their money?

I don’t have much for say about it since everyone is working according to their strengthen and talent.

How did 2013 treat you and what projects do you have lined up for the upcoming year?

With the grace of God 2013 is a very lucky year for me as I got space to grow as a successful designer. It has encouraged me to to work hard for my clients to make them look amazing.

What is your take on the increasing number of Fashion Weeks in Pakistan?

It’s an amazing and encouraging platform for designers especially upcoming talent to exhibit their clothes on the ramp.

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