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Oral Health: 8 ways to take care of Teeth and Gums

Oral Health: 8 ways to take care of Teeth and Gums

Oral health plays an important role in the overall health of human beings. Keeping in view the importance of oral health, we have decided to share with you the best ways that with help you in maintaining good oral health. These ways are proposed by a well-known laser and cosmetic dental surgeon Gunita Singh.

Oral Health: 8 ways to take care of Teeth and Gums

Rinse after every meal

After taking your meal, make the habit of thorough rinsing either by using any mouthwash or water.

Rinse teech after every meals

Using mouth freshener

Whenever you take heavy garnished food, then don’t forget to use mouth freshener.

Always use mouth freshener

Eating vegetables and fruits

Eat natural fruits and vegetables for satisfying your hunger because these contain fibers that can work as a good cleanser for teeth.

Eat fruits and vegetables everyday

Avoiding sugar

Snacks containing sugar can be harmful for your teeth so try not to eat them in excess quantity.

Avoid sugar in your meals

Using floss after every meal

Use of floss after each of your meal can be a good way for cleaning the spaces connecting any of the 2 teeth. Instead of floss, you can also use interdental brush.

Floss your teech after meals

Reducing the drinking of coffee or tea

Drinking either coffee or tea can result in putting the stains on your teeth. Therefore, to keep your teeth neat and clean you have to reduce the drinking of both coffee and tea.

Reduce your intake of tea or coffee

Chewing sugar-free gum

If you are much busy as a result of your tough assignments that you cannot floss or brush your teeth, then sugar-free gums can be a good source in keeping your teeth healthy. These sorts of gums have the capacity to boost the flow of saliva similar to cheese and thus can decrease the cavities.

Chew sugarless gum

Eating cheese after food

Salivary flow can also be increased by eating cheese after every meal. In this way, you can save your teeth from cavities because cheese helps in cleaning sugar from the oral cavity.

Must eat cheese after meals

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