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Pedicure Procedure at Home

We talk a lot and do pretty much effort in taking full care of our skin, face, health and body fitness. Along with these beauty factors, taking a special care of your hands and feet is also necessary. It’s a sure thing that you also love your hands and feet, don’t you? We never desire of having dry and dirty hands or feet. If we want to keep them clean and pure all the time, it requires a proper attention and a lot of time.

Here we are presenting some very easy steps which you’ll have to follow in order to have your PEDICURE done in a delicate manner.

Easy Pedicure Steps at Home

The instruments which you need to have at the time of starting your pedicure are:

A Good Quality Foot Scrub, Foot Moisturizer, Nail Polish Remover, Cream, Cuticle Pusher, Emery Board, Nail File, Cotton Pads and Nail Clippers; a tub in which you could soak your feet and a towel which would be used for drying your feet.

Step 1:

First of all you’ll have to remove the nail polish if it’s present on your nails. Use a good nail polish remove and rub it off the nails. Once the nail polish is removed, now is the time to mould your nail to your desired shape. Now move to step two.

Step 2:

After reshaping your nails, have some hot water in a tub in which you can soak your feet. Keep your feet dipped inside hot water for approximately fifteen (15) minutes. You can also mix some foot wash and lemon juice in it. Food wash and lemon would make bubbles, if you are not used to mingling with bubbles then obviously you should not add this.

Step 3:

Now is the time to remove the dead skin from your toe nails. It can be done by using cuticle cream; spread this cream over your toe nail for 5 minutes then use cuticle pusher to remove dead and dry skin. After that, apply some foot scrub on your feet gently.

Step 4:

It’s time to moisturize them now. For this, use a good quality moisturizer. Massage your feet softly.

Step 5:

Time to add some beauty! Apply some nail polish of your desired colour and finally, your feet are giving a perfect glowing look.

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