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17 Proven Health Benefits of Grapefruit

17 Proven Health Benefits of Grapefruit

Grapefruit is part of the citrus family unlike its name suggests. The consumption of it can be dated back to the 18th century and one of the first sources of Grape fruit was Barbados. It was used for it’s unique and tangy taste at first before the surfaced. In this article we would be discussing the various ways in which we would be discussing the health benefits of its consumption and why this fruit is the in thing in health conscious people. The benefits of using grapefruits in your diet are given below.

Proven Health Benefits of Grapefruit

1. It can help in the removal of kidney stones. How this works is that it lowers the PH value of the urine which makes it easier for the kidney stone to dissolve or to pass through.

2. Eating Grapefruit can be the secret to your glowing and radiant skin. It contains Vitamin A which has antioxidant properties which helps the skin cells heal against damage from the sun rays and the free radicals

3. The constituents of Grapefruit are highly effective in prevention of cancer, like limonoids is effective against the cancer of lung, stomach, mouth and oral tract. Similarly naringenin is known to protect against prostate cancer.

4. Grapefruits have high quantity of Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, which helps ward off against infections, viral and bacterial such as cough, cold and flu as well as boost the immune system.

Grapefruit Best Usages and Health Benefits

5. Grapefruit is great for weight loss as it burns the fat of the cells and boosts the metabolism of the body.

6. Grapefruit helps keep the levels of bad cholesterol in check because of its fat burning capabilities, consumption of grapefruit in any way helps the cells break fat, meaning the cholesterol levels remain in check, aiding the heart to work properly.

7. It helps down break inorganic calcium deposits in the bones which cause arthritic pain

8. A couple of grapefruits daily is said to help deal with oral problems such as gum bleeding and periodontal diseases.

9. A glass of freshly squeezed Grapefruit juice revives your body of all the stress of the day.

10. If you have a cold or a cough grapefruit intake is the option because it has high quantities of vitamin C which helps deal with the issues of sore throat and influenza.

11. Grapefruit is also said to be one of the remedies of insomnia.

12. Pregnant women should increase the intake of Grapefruit because it help deal with swollen ankles, an issue that most pregnant women face.

13. Grapefruits are rich in nutrients such as Beta Carotene and Lutein which are excellent for maintaining eye health and age related issue prompting to blindness.

14. Although a citrus fruit it has an alkalizing effect once consumed, the same reason why it lowers the PH of the urine.

15. Consumption of Grapefruit is good for the health and guards against a sudden stroke according to the American heart organization.

16. Grapefruit is made up of 91% water which is just below that percentage of watermelon, the point being that it keep the body and skin hydrated once consumed.

17. Grapefruit can help in the preventing against constipation because of its combination of water and fiber, making the digestive tract healthy.

There are a lot of ways that grapefruit can be consumed, you can eat it raw in slices just like with other citrus fruits such as oranges, you can squeeze fresh juice and drink it in the morning or you can use the juice as a topping to your daily intake of salad. All this would lead to a healthier and a better life.

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