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Sana Safinaz Wedding Bridal Wear Collection 2014

Sana Safinaz bridals wear collection is the perfect combination of traditional ensembles, with a twist and took risks with the utilization of cotton and bold ornamentation. Sana Safinaz new typical bridal embellishments and those who lack their signature avant-garde technique works like this fun and exciting people.

Read below here something special about the fashion designers Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Muneer. 

What do you think Pakistani fashion has to its advantage?

Safinaz: Undoubtedy the craftsmanship. Our craft is beautiful and it’s substantially different from India or any other part of the world. We still have craftsmen and people who sit for hours and hours and put in more than 1500 hours in a dress that will cost you nothing. The labour is so talented and yet at the same time so cheap. The beauty is that it’s all done by hand. In the West – and I was watching the Valentino movie when I noticed this – it is such a big deal if beading or embroidery is done by hand. Well, all Sana Safinaz clothes are done by hand. In the bridal market all our work is couture.

Sana: We wanted to focus on our eastern craftsmanship when designing (Pakistan’s first Oscar nominee) Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s outfit. Its quintessential Sana Safinaz fusion, embellished from head to toe but streamlined and contemporary enough not to look like a costume. She wore it to the dinner after the Oscars.

What sets us apart from India?

I think our aesthetics are very refined. India is very inspired by Bollywood. We are not Bollywood at all. The west loves the kitsch from India, not the sophistication. They are looking for costume.

You’ll see that now some Indian designers are transcending beyond Bollywood because their society women have evolved. The designers are now gradually catering to them more than to the Bollywood clan. We have been very well received in both Delhi and Bombay.

You’ve always been inspired by western fashion and you travel a lot to take it in. What would be your favourite holiday destination for inspiration?

I travel a lot but rarely go on holidays. I always end up going to London and Dubai. I’m a workaholic and a shopaholic. In fact I confess that I make clothes to buy clothes. I like traveling to the south of France, St Tropez but I love to ski and my favourite holiday is always a ski holiday.

My husband isn’t very adventurous but I’ve found a travel partner in my daughter. Safi and Bilal are the adventurous ones.

I love Paris and find it very inspirational. The opulence of architecture is all so fascinating. But I’m also in love with the Far East, mainly because of its graciousness. I’m not as much of a shopaholic as Sana is and I prefer shopping for the home rather than for clothes. I keep picking up chandeliers, antique Chinese cupboards etc.

What helped you cross the great divide between society and the masses in Pakistan?

Lawn was the real puller for us. It gave women a taste of the Sana Safinaz lifestyle. It was also an eye opener for us. Though we had been doing bridals for twenty years women didn’t know us for that.

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