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Smokey Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures

Smokey Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures

It’s a very nice fashion trend of western makeup tips, which is adopted by the whole world with great enthusiasm. Proper and flawless blending of base colors with rich dark colors is very important for perfect smoky eyes. Peach base with green hue, soft gold base with deep purple on top and champagne base with bright blue are some important pair light base colors with rich dark colors.

Some important steps to smoky eyes are:

Lid Preparation

Apply primer an eye shadow base all over eyelid and let it dry. It prevents make up from melting as the day goes on.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Lid Preparation

Eye Liner Application

For a typical smoky eye makeup an easy technique is application of eyeliner. For eyeliner application usage of dark eye shadow is compulsory. It’s not necessary that only black and brown colors are using in eyeshades. One can also play with colors like dark purple, deep blue, green hue etc.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Liner Application

Light Base Color Application

Pairing of darker eye shade with light base color is a key of smoky eye makeup. Apply light color eyeshade just like base on inner line of lid. Pack on shimmer or pearl eye shadow all over the portion of eye lid. Gently swish the brush backward and forward over the outer edge.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Color Shades

Dark Color Application

By using a separate brush, pick a dark color eye shade and apply it on socket line.

Smokey Eye Makeup Dark Color Shades


Blending of dark colors with light colors is most important. By using a clean eyeshade brush start blending from lash line or socket line. Make sure eyeliner disappears and deep color stops at crease. Deep color shouldn’t cross the socket line. Each eye has its own socket line depending upon the eye shape. For a perfect makeup one has to identify her eye shape, placement of eye bones etc.

Smokey Eye Makeup Dark Color Shades

Highlighter Application

Apply highlighter color under your eyebrow by using a separate highlighter brush.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Highlighter

Eyelash Curling and Mascara Application

First curl lashes with lash curler then apply several coats of mascara for complete look. If someone is facing problem of small eyelashes then one can compliment her makeup with artificial eyelashes. Use of artificial eyelashes is not a rocket science, just a little practice and some patience is required for that.

Smokey Eye Makeup Curl Lashes

Smokey Eye Makeup Final Look

Smokey Eyes Makeup Best Tutorial

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