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Smokey Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures

Smokey Eyes Makeup Best Tutorial

It’s a very nice fashion trend of western makeup tips, which is adopted by the whole world with great enthusiasm. Proper and flawless blending of base colors with rich dark colors is very important for perfect smoky eyes. Peach base with green hue, soft gold base with deep purple on top and champagne base with bright blue are some important ... Read More »

Skincare in humidity

Skin Care Tips for Summer Humid Season

In these high humidity levels in the month of Ramzan, while you fast, it might become necessary to pay extra attention to your skincare regime. Managing your skin during the peak season and shifts of summer can be a challenge, especially for those with extreme skin conditions such as acne or excessively oily skin. The heat and environmental toxins can ... Read More »

Tips for Whitening Face

Skin is the most sensitive part of the body as it is in the direct contact with the external factors. Any change or harmful effect is first detected by the skin and then it reaches deep down the body. It needs maximum care and protection from all the environmental changes. Low moisture, high heat, dust, pollution have adverse effects on ... Read More »

Things Your Skin Needs Everyday

As you know that summer is coming and you have to prepare yourself for this summer season. There are some things such as drinking lots of water, use sunscreen, cleansing, night creams and proper sleep that should include in your routine work if you want glowing skin in summers. DRINKING WATER Water is essential part of our life. Without water ... Read More »

Grow Your Nails Longer and Faster

Nails Health

Don’t get upset when your nails break or tear up! There are many different ways to help your nails grow fast. I am here to tell you. Food always help nails grow fast. Not just nails only. It includes help your body healthy, too. For your nails, you need to have rich in calcium where you can find in milk, ... Read More »