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Bodybuilding Exercises Step by Step Guide – Part I

Bodybuilding Exercises

Bodybuilding is an art in which someone build his muscles and shape them through specified exercises. Bodybuilding is just not a name of lifting weight but it is a complete art in which you develop your muscles and body. If you performed exercises in an incorrect way then it can harm you and also shape your body in a wrong ... Read More »

Best Exercises for Tricep

According to the historical researches and studies of body building in order to increase our triceps in mass and strength we should perform following Exercises: – 1) TRICEPS DUMBBELL EXTENSION Pick up the metallic dumbbell of lower weights in your right hand, now raise your arm along with Dumbbell by making an angle of 180 degrees from thigh as the point of origin. Keep the ... Read More »


ARMS are the combination of strong bones, soft bones and cartilages wrapped in a mixture of different cellular and Tissue combinations. Arms are the major parts of our body and plays vital role in carrying out regular daily activities of our life. A male homosapien (human Being) should have a stronger arm and to make our arms stronger we carry out ... Read More »