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The Art of Henna Designs

Henna Designs is the English version for mehndi designs. It is the most popular thing used in Asian desi girls. 95% asian girls love Mehndi Designs. It transports a different blaze in their hand and looks pleasant overall. Mehndi is used on feet also but it’s really much unusual cases. Mostly girls appreciate it more on hands and arms.

Henna designs arts come from the natural leaves of the plant with the same name called ‘Henna’. These plant leaves are packed down into a green powder that is being sold in packets all over the world including Pakistan and India. Now the question arising in mind, how to use this powder, we need to add some water in it. So that henna turn into bucks that is apply on the body where you want to decorate. After applying the henna mehndi dough on the hands, arms, foots and legs for several hours, usually 2 hours, a deep orange colour is left on the body that will gradually lose color away over a period of two to three weeks.

The henna is often arranged to intricate patterns, and it is the hands and the feet that are decorated. Henna is used almost only by females and is in our days used by women that are in the age where beautifying is natural – young girls that are ready to get married, or women who have a romantic relationship with their husbands. It is just a great feeling basically. And it makes you beautiful. It gives happiness to henna lovers.


New Henna Designs for Hands

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  1. Nice mehndi designs. I like it.

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