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Tips for Weight Lose

Weight LoseDo you think about how to lose weight? Never believe in the mirror when you look at. It is always telling you a lie how FAT you are that would effects you become depression or tension. There is many best ways to help you to lose weights in positive.

To drink plenty water with your meals. Just put a glass of water on every meals time. Always remember keep out sodas, coffees, alcohols, and any sweets juices (unless, you can have juices that are health such as pure fruits and vegetables). Therefore, water is not just only one drink. You can have green teas (a part of herbal) is the best for your weight loss that you drink it for 2-3 times per day.

Need exercise? Of course! Gym places are around that you can go. If you don’t like to go to gym with some reasons, then that’s no problem. You can do all is walking for 20-30 minutes everyday with fresh air and cleaning the house.

REMEMBER, do not eat too much sweets and junk food; chocolate, chips, cookies, or cakes that can tempts you to gain more weights. Want that? NO! If you can’t control to eat sweets, then it is ok to eat little, just little and sometimes, not everyday.

One more thing, we know you love to go to different restaurants to eat. I want to remind you that is not healthy for your weight. Restaurants’ food has too much oily for taste. Did you know cook at home is perfect? YES! You can put less regular oil or use olive oil (it is part of health) and less-salt.

Believe in yourself how beautiful you are with fully free stress! 🙂

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