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Tips for Whitening Face

Tips for Whitening Face

Natural Face Whitening TipsSkin is the most sensitive part of the body as it is in the direct contact with the external factors. Any change or harmful effect is first detected by the skin and then it reaches deep down the body. It needs maximum care and protection from all the environmental changes. Low moisture, high heat, dust, pollution have adverse effects on it. Thanks to the medical science, skin problems and protections from these external factors is possible.

Skin whitening is done to lighten the skin tone and color by the use of chemicals. However home remedies is widely used for this purpose as they don’t have side effects. The results by these remedies are not obtained instantly, prolong use gives results. While the chemicals give the result immediately. The skin tone can also be lightening if the melanin concentration in the skin is lightening. Some home remedies to whiten the skin are given here.

Whitening Facials: Soak almonds in water overnight, and then grind them with 4 teaspoon milk to make the paste. Apply on the wet face. After half hour, wash with cold water. Another method is to take lemon juice about 1 tablespoon and mix it with quarter teaspoon of Nigella seed oil. Apply over the face. Leave for 10 minutes, wash with Luke warm water. This should be done in the morning.

Face Wash: Washing face with gram flour also helps in the whitening of skin. Barley flour paste made with mixing the flour with lemon juice and rose water is also helpful and it is stronger than the gram flour. Both the flours help in the removal of dirt present in the deeper skin and make the skin pores to open.

Whitening Face Tips

Whitening Drinks: These drinks include:

  • A glass of milk daily before bed
  • A glass of warm water in which lemon juice and pure honey (one teaspoon each) is mixed should be taken in the morning
  • Cool water after boiling it and add mint leaves. Cover it and keep it aside for few minutes, then drink it at any time.

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