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Veena Malik Leaked MMS Clip with Rajiv Verma

Pakistani model-turned-actress Veena Malik is now again in some controversial news! A leaked MMS video of Veena Malik went viral on social networks where she did some bold and hot scene with one of her dear friend Rajan Verma. Veena Malik considers as bold actress but in this MMS video Veena Malik is more than bold that she had never been seen before like this. This scene is surely not to miss and not to skip because Veena Malik gave a really hot performance in leaked MMS Clip.

This sensational video of Lollywood turned Bollwood actress has given her one more chance to stay in news but in wrong reasons. In this leaked video Veena Malik has seen doing kisses with her debutant producer Rajan Verma. Publicity seeking queen has performed many bold scenes and photo shoots is past and criticized by public. People said that Veena Malik tried to get cheap publicity by doing controversial scenes.

Later Veena Malik clarified on Wednesday that it is not a MMS clip; it is a scene from her forthcoming movie “Zindagi 50-50”. She said in this footage they are not romancing, in fact it is performance of a song recording that is sung by Rekha Bharadwaj. Veena considers this footage a beautiful scene and rejects the public opinion that she was doing romance in real.

Veena also said that she is really upset by this MMS clip, people are portraying her wrongly. She also said that she has instructed the producer of “Zindagi 50-50” Rajiv Ruia to look in the matter and take a serious action against the persons who leaked this video.

She further said that she I much in her movie shootings; she is currently working on Telugu movie ‘Nagna Satyam‘, ‘The City That Never Sleeps‘, ‘Mumbai 125Kms‘, ‘The Dirty Picture‘ and ‘Supermodel‘.


  1. Shame veena Malik

  2. Veena Malik you are a Queen of Romance. You really do very Good Job. Welldone and keep it up 🙂

  3. I hope you will won Award for Best Romance Scene in 2013.

  4. @Vanita Sharma! I think Veena Malik can only get Cheap Acting Awards for 2013 🙂

  5. This is her profession “Mishal Khan”. She has to do as per requirement of her work. Before staring work in any movie, all actors/actress or other characters signed contract agreement which clearly mention that the requirement should be fulfill. So, stop criticizing. Veena Malik gets big success in very short time. Well-Done Veena Malik. Keep it up.

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      Thank you @Rabia Ehsan for your feedback. I think you are absolutely right, because we should never criticize others.

  6. Rabia Ehsan! I think you are right. Thanks for clarification.

    • Mashal khan, your observation is correct. Veena Malik is the most shameless creature in this world. At the same time Rabia Ehsan is also right in her observation. After all prostitution is also a sort of profession. Prostitutes are paid for what they are expected to do and usually they indulge in sex business with their own free will.

  7. Lo jeeee Veena Malik ne ek or chaand charha dia 🙂

  8. Leave it veena Malik can do any thing. This is her way to get some money carry on veena Malik 🙂

  9. veena malik u want to dai really

  10. Tum logon ko kia hai ager koi bachi maza ker rahi hai tu krne do.

  11. Khud tu yahan aa ker aisi chezen dekhte ho socho ager wo ye na kre tu kia hoga tmhara 😛

  12. veena malik shame 4 u

  13. shame on veena malik

  14. veena malik……..its not good.ok

  15. As muslim apko ye nahi karna chahye veena apne to hamary sir sharm sy jhuka diye hen shame on u

  16. we are proud of you veena….may you burn in hell!

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