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A Guide on What to Wear to a Hostess Interview

A hostess plays a vital role in creating a positive first impression for guests at restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality establishments. Your attire for a hostess interview is not just about personal style but also reflects your understanding of the establishment’s atmosphere and your commitment to excellent customer service. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of dressing for success in a hostess interview, ensuring you embody professionalism, approachability, and style.

Understanding the Hospitality Industry’s Expectations:

The hospitality industry is diverse, ranging from upscale restaurants to casual cafes, each with its unique atmosphere and dress code. As a hostess, your role involves being the face of the establishment, greeting guests, and managing reservations. It’s essential to consider the specific nature of the venue where you’re interviewing, as expectations can vary widely.

What to Wear to Hostess Interview

Do Prioritize Cleanliness and Neatness:

Cleanliness and neatness are paramount in the hospitality industry. Ensure your clothing is freshly laundered, well pressed, and free from wrinkles. Personal grooming, including wellkept hair and minimal fragrance, contributes to an overall positive impression.

Don’t Underdress:

 While hostess roles may have varying dress codes, underdressing for an interview is not advisable. Avoid overly casual attire like jeans, sneakers, or Tshirts. Opt for an outfit that reflects professionalism and aligns with the establishment’s atmosphere.

Do Research the Venue’s Atmosphere:

Familiarize yourself with the venue’s atmosphere before the interview. Different establishments may have different expectations, from trendy and modern to classic and sophisticated. Aligning your attire with the venue’s ambiance demonstrates your understanding and respect for their unique identity.

Don’t Overdo Accessories:

Keep accessories simple and tasteful. Excessive jewelry or accessories may be distracting during the interview. Opt for a clean and modest look that enhances your professionalism without diverting attention.

Do Consider Practicality:

Working as a hostess involves constant movement and interaction with guests. Choose clothing that allows for ease of movement and is suitable for the demands of the job. Practicality and comfort are key considerations.

Don’t Choose Distracting Patterns:

While expressing your personal style is important, avoid overly distracting patterns that may divert attention during the interview. Opt for solid colors or subtle patterns that enhance your overall presentation without being overwhelming.

Specific Clothing Recommendations:

Elegant Business Casual:

For a hostess interview, men can opt for well fitted dress shirts or polo shirts paired with dress pants or khakis. Consider adding a blazer for a touch of sophistication.

Women can choose business casual attire, such as blouses with slacks, a knee length skirt, or a tasteful dress. The goal is to convey a polished and approachable image.

Dress According to Venue Formality:

For upscale or fine dining establishments, lean towards more formal attire. Men can consider wearing a suit or a more polished dress shirt with dress pants. Women may opt for a tailored dress or a blouse with a pencil skirt or dress pants.

Comfortable Footwear:

ostesses are often on their feet for extended periods, so comfortable footwear is essential. Opt for closed toe shoes that are both stylish and practical. Avoid overly casual or flashy shoes.

Subdued Colors for Sophistication:

Choose subdued colors that complement the venue’s atmosphere. Neutral tones such as black, navy, gray, or earthy tones are often safe choices. Avoid overly vibrant or distracting colors. People Wants to know What to wear to a Chipotle Interview.

Minimal and Elegant Accessories:

Keep accessories minimal and elegant. A watch, a subtle bracelet, or tasteful earrings can add a touch of style without being distracting. Avoid wearing excessive jewelry or accessories.

Clean and Well Groomed Appearance:

Maintain a well groomed appearance, including neatly styled hair and minimal makeup. If you have facial hair, ensure it is neatly trimmed. A clean and polished appearance contributes to an overall positive impression.

Weather Appropriate Outerwear:

Depending on the weather and location, bring weather appropriate outerwear that complements your overall look. Ensure the outerwear is clean, in good condition, and aligns with the venue’s dress code. Also wants to know What to wear to a Hotel front Desk Interview.


In conclusion, dressing for a hostess interview involves finding the right balance between professionalism, style, and practicality. By adhering to the dos and don’ts outlined in this guide and following the specific clothing recommendations, you can present yourself as a candidate who not only possesses the necessary hospitality skills but also understands and respects the unique expectations of the establishment. Remember, your attire is a visual representation of your readiness for the job and your commitment to providing excellent service to guests. Good luck with your hostess interview!

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